Over Weight

Good health, as well as attractive appearance, is the burning desire for all. Though somebody of us is like obesity because of they look like goose-cheeks but much more especially ladies are don’t like fatty at all. It is not necessary whether you look like the good or not if you would fat but it is important that if your obesity fell you into at risk of health. The real fact is that fat or overweight is risky for health and it is not covetable for any person to become obesity day by day. Additional weight means extra burden moreover there is nothing to looking beauty if one’s obesity exceeds the height of the respective body. Fatless greyhound shape does not only increase the beauty but also makes life easier. Those who have more weight, with fat flesh in the body who are obesity have suffered from their sufferings or bruises at different stages of life. With the different type of mental and physical disorder, various disruptions are created in daily life that causes tiredness by short-lived. When a well-upholstered man stood in front of a mirror and saw himself feeling frustrated. It is difficult to perform any job easily, in every stage the body becomes a problem which creates excessive tension both in physically and mentally. It can be seen, the sufferer often suffer from depression because of thought that everybody looks at him with playful sight and maybe thought in mind, how thick, whatever how much he eats! Even each is look at with funny sight when a chub use to attend in any social ceremony. If the entrance is narrow anywhere, then it is very difficult to take entry there again, public transportation alone has to be occupied by two or three people, and therefore it becomes a problem for others. After all to go anywhere with an obesity body the entity fell into not only public attention but also in an embarrassing situation. Many diseases have more involvement with fertility or obesity that means those who are overweight, and unknowingly, will spread diseases in the body. Below are some examples:

Diabetes: The chronic diseases like diabetes use to occur among obese people more than the common populace ‍and diabetes-related complications occur more and more when they are diagnosed with the diabetic.

Blood Pressure: Extra fat in the body increases cholesterol in blood, triglyceride etc. Due to the presence of excess fat on the wall of vascular, heart disease, high blood pressure is higher than normal people. There is also the risk of having brain strokes. It can be closed with thrombosis in the blood vessel and may lead to many complex diseases. For example, hippands, lungs, and blood vessels closed on the head may cause death.

Osteoarthritis or gout: Skeleton-joint is the means of carrying body weight and there are variations occur in limbs to carry extra weight. Due to overweight in joint or unstable connecting place, new bone is formed, changes in size, and ‘osteoarthritis’. Bones of the obese person are more corrosive compared to the general population. Fluid can be accumulated in the joints, and later the yolk becomes cleft. Pains, waist, and knees may cause more pain or inflammation. Moving back at one stage becomes more difficult.

Hernia and Verococcuses: As a result of excess fat accumulation, contraction and expansion of stomach and leg muscles are interrupted. As a result, the hernia can occur and also verococcuses occur in the veins of the feet.

Bile Stones: In comparison to the general population, especially the upper forty aged obese women use to suffer much more from the bile stones which called is Gallstones.

Cirrhosis of the liver: Due to the presence of fat in the liver cells fatty acid is changed and as a result, there is a risk of varieties types of liver disorder like cirrhosis.

Cancer: Cancer is more likely to occur in the obese population. Disease like colon, liver cancer, and lymphoma cancer are causes of the deaths.

Moreover, snore, sleep apnea syndrome is more prone to diseases. Asphyxia, sleep more often on both days and nights, nausea in sleep, breathing in the mouth, polycythemia and ultimately, the heart failure of the right side is thicker.

Causes of Obesity:

Generally, obesity used to causes by genetic or hereditary. For example, you will be fat if parents and family members would obese.

Excess Eating: Extra feeding is one of the reasons to become fat or uptake weight. Remember, feeding heavily means increase weight rapidly. Somebody thought that we eat less than someone but why are we more obese than them?  Though the question is logical but remembers, weight gain does not only depend on eating it also rather than depending on how much energy was consumed by working all day. That means which energy is stored by eating food, without losing it through physical activity or exercise, the weight will increase. After all which energy is accumulated through taking food in the body, it will be the risk of fat or obesity without spending it through labor.

Better Living: better and effortless idle living life is one of the reasons to become obese because of without losing energy the accumulated vigor causes increasing weight.

Fashionable Drinks: Fashionable drinks like alcohol, energy and health drinks, soft drinks, fast food etc. increase the risk of becoming fatty.

Hormonal Diseases: Hormone-related diseases, such as hypothyroidism, kousing syndrome etc. are causes obesity.

Steroid Medicines:  Due to the use of some medicines for a long time, there is a tendency to be fat. Such as steroids type medicines.

As the body weight is not desirable for anybody, everyone wants to have an extraordinary fine body and a good health, so there are many things to do about those who are suffering from excessive body fat problems. Of course, should be taken proper initiative to lose excessive weight. At first, all have to remember that weight loss cannot be executed rapidly or hastily. Have to continue the customary effort with patience and initially it may be necessary to medical checkup according to the advice of the doctor. If any physical disorder would be detected, then treatment should continue accordingly. Besides other methods of weight loss are under your control. Remember that the main key to weight loss is involved with feeding and physical work and to eat more than need takes an important role to increase body weight. According to the view of Islam as well as modern science, one should one-third part of the respective stomach by food, one-third with water and residual part would empty. It keeps in mind that it is very necessary to maintain compatibility between to take regular frugal meal and physical work.

To keep body weight in satisfaction level everybody should take reasonable meal even if somebody may be changed the dietary habit and of course the meal would balanced, full of compatible carbohydrate, protein and low fat.

It is better to eat much the low-calorie meal like fruits, vegetable, potherb instead of high-calorie food. It is better to eat home-made healthy food than outdoor rich food like fast-food.

To avoid ghee, butter, excessive sugar mixed tea and such food; soluble fiber, vitamin, mineral and anti-oxidant rich food will have to include in the menu.

It should be drink plenty of water and if you eat more water before eating it will take less amount of food. In addition to eating cucumbers, tomatoes and guava before eating, the demand of the amount of fast-food will be less.

To burn extra body fat, one has to work hard and walk regularly and avoid to use lift or escalator to climb upstairs instead of staircase even if to passing short way has to walk in place of using the car.

To reduce overweight, customarily work, physical diligence and exercise are very necessary but it should act upon the prescription in tolerance. Much more people reduces to eat even if completely forsake to eat due to minimize body weight which is not desirable at all. Mind it, to control diet does not mean to quit taking meal and for this reason, the incumbent body may become sick due to lack of sufficient energy. So by not dropping all kinds of foods, firstly reduce the oil and fatty foods. Then slowly reduce other foods and of course, it will be at certain levels. Besides, the advice of an experienced doctor and a nutritionist should be taken.

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